CDJ-1000 Merger

cdj1000 The missing tool for your Pioneer CDJ-1000. As a DJ you probably use more than one CDJ-1000 at the same time. Do you also find it frustrating that there is no easy way to synchronize the two players MultiMediaCards? Then this software is definitely a must have.

With the MMC_Merger you are able read all your memory cards in your computer, merge the data of multiple discs together and write the merged result back to your memory cards. You can even save the memory to your computers hard disc.


  • Option to maximize the waveform data
  • Write merger results to your harddrive

New features of the 2.0 version:

  • MMC drive letter is now remembered during sessions
  • Added feature to backup/restore MMC without loading them into the program memory
  • Merger process now works on CUE point level instead of CD level


  • Works for CDJ-1000 and CDJ-1000 MK2
  • CDJ-1000 MK3 cards are not supported! The CDJ-1000MK3 can use MK1 and MK2 cards in backwards compatibility mode

Purchase information

The full version is available for only € 20, and gives you support and life-time free upgrades

To proceed with the purchase please click on the PayPal button below and follow the instructions on the screen. PayPal allows us to let you pay with any major Credit card, if PayPal is not an option with which you can pay, please contact us!

Make payments with PayPal - it’s fast, free and secure! After payment is received please allow for up to 48-hours for delivery. The program will be delivered to the same Email address as the one used for the PayPal payments.

Download demo

You can also download a demonstration version that has the following limitations:

  • No support for waveform maximization
  • No support to save data to your harddrive
  • No backup/restore support
  • Use limitation of 10 MMC card writes
  • No support

Use the link below to download and the quick tour manual.
MMC Merger demo v2.0
Quick Tour manual

System requirements

Computer running:
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP (or later)
A MMC card-reader for your PC